Telos 174 · Spring 2016
Philosophy, Literature, Theory

Telos 174 turns to a diverse set of philosophers, contemporary and classical, and questions, concerning ethics and politics on the one hand, and literature and aesthetics on the other. Covering a range of topics, the essays collected here make a strong case for the importance of literature and its interplay with philosophy and theory.
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Land and Sea:
A World-Historical Meditation
by Carl Schmitt

Translated by Samuel Garrett Zeitlin
Edited and with Introductions by
Russell A. Berman and Samuel Garrett Zeitlin

Now available in a richly annotated English translation, Carl Schmitt’s Land and Sea outlines Schmitt’s views of world history, geopolitics, warfare, and the politics of space.
by Ernst Jünger

Translated by Alexis P. Walker
With an Introduction by David Pan

Set in 1916 in the days before the Somme offensive, Ernst Jünger's World War I novella Sturm provides a vivid portrait of the front-line experiences of four German infantry officers and their company. Now available for the first time in English translation, Sturm tells a powerful story of war and its effects on the lives of the men who endure it.
by Ernst Jünger

Translated by Joachim Neugroschel
With an Introduction by Russell A. Berman

Ernst Jünger's Eumeswil, a brilliant dystopian novel set in a totalitarian city-state in a post-apocalyptic future, presents a comprehensive synthesis of Jünger’s mature thought, with a special emphasis on the possibilities for individual freedom in a technologically monitored postmodern world.
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Independent Publishing Awards for New Telos Press Books by Ernst Jünger and Carl Schmitt

By Telos Press

Telos Press is delighted to announce that two of its recent book publications, Ernst Jünger’s Sturm and Carl Schmitt’s Land and Sea: A World-Historical Meditation, have received IPPY Awards in the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards competition. Jünger’s Sturm, translated by Alexis P. Walker and edited by David Pan, received a Silver Award in the Military/Wartime Fiction category, and Schmitt’s . . . (continue reading)

Michael Ley on the Suicide of the West: The Islamization of Europe

By Arno Tausch

In his account of the impact of Islam on Europe, Michael Ley pulls no punches, especially for all those readers, like the present reviewer, who still hope that a Muslim humanism and not Islamist terrorism will become the primary social movement in global Islam in the years to come. In a nutshell, Ley's main theses are the following: Orthodox and . . . (continue reading)

Czesław Miłosz on Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain

By Katarzyna Bałżewska

This article presents the connections between the Polish poet Czesław Miłosz and Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain. Miłosz's fascination with the German novel, which has its roots in the 1930s, changed profoundly over the decades. Not only did the poet ponder on the immense intellectual value of The Magic Mountain, but he also turned to it eagerly as a form . . . (continue reading)

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Telos has always celebrated rejuvenation and renewal, and in recent years we’ve embraced that change in a variety of ways. We’ve taken Telos online and digitized our complete archive, allowing institutional subscribers from around the world to access the journal over the Internet. We’ve created a regular conference series in New York City and another more recently in Europe, which have brought together an increasing number of scholars to discuss today’s critical issues in politics and philosophy . . . (continue reading)

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