Telos 179 · Summer 2017
A New Regime?

We may very well be entering a different political era, a new regime, and not only in the United States. How can Critical Theory describe it effectively? Telos 179 brings together an array of political, cultural, and theoretical analyses, each of which responds to this challenge.
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Mastering the Past:
Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
and the Rise of Illiberalism
by Ellen Hinsey

Through a series of eyewitness reports, Ellen Hinsey's Mastering the Past documents a critical shift in the Central and Eastern European political landscape: the rise of illiberalism. Available March 1.
Free Radicals:
Agitators, Hippies, Urban Guerrillas, and Germany’s
Youth Revolt of the 1960s and 1970s
by Elliot Neaman
With a Foreword by Timothy W. Luke

Elliot Neaman's Free Radicals presents a comprehensive panorama of the West German youth revolt in the 1960s,
as well as its subsequent fragmentation and descent into
terrorism in the 1970s.
Land and Sea:
A World-Historical Meditation
by Carl Schmitt

Translated by Samuel Garrett Zeitlin
Edited and with Introductions by
Russell A. Berman and Samuel Garrett Zeitlin

Now available in a richly annotated English translation, Carl Schmitt’s Land and Sea outlines Schmitt’s views of world history, geopolitics, warfare, and the politics of space.
by Ernst Jünger

Translated by Alexis P. Walker
With an Introduction by David Pan

Set in 1916 in the days before the Somme offensive, Ernst Jünger's World War I novella Sturm provides a vivid portrait of the front-line experiences of four German infantry officers and their company. Now available for the first time in English translation, Sturm tells a powerful story of war and its effects on the lives of the men who endure it.
by Ernst Jünger

Translated by Joachim Neugroschel
With an Introduction by Russell A. Berman

Ernst Jünger's Eumeswil, a brilliant dystopian novel set in a totalitarian city-state in a post-apocalyptic future, presents a comprehensive synthesis of Jünger’s mature thought, with a special emphasis on the possibilities for individual freedom in a technologically monitored postmodern world.
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Hermeneutic Communism as (Weak) Political Phenomenology

By Michael Marder

Critique of phenomenology amounts to a tiny piece of the puzzle that is Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala's thought-provoking Hermeneutic Communism: From Heidegger to Marx. According to the spot allocated to it, phenomenology fits in with the other manifestations of classical metaphysics, bent on preserving the transcendental privilege of immutable truth. In what follows, I will argue that such placement . . . (continue reading)

British Politics after the 2017 Election

By Adrian Pabst

Theresa May's gamble to call an early election that would deliver a landslide victory badly backfired as the Conservative Party she leads for now ended up losing seats and now requires the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland to stay in power in a "hung parliament" where no party has an outright majority.  . . . (continue reading)

Telos 179 (Summer 2017): A New Regime?

By Russell A. Berman

Telos 179 (Summer 2017) is now available for purchase in our store. When the historian Ken Burns spoke at the Stanford University commencement last June, he delivered an exceptionally political address, including an attack on what he labeled the "Vichy Republicans." Those Republican leaders who had not distanced themselves from candidate Trump, so Burns, were the equivalent of the Vichy French . . . (continue reading)

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Telos has always celebrated rejuvenation and renewal, and in recent years we’ve embraced that change in a variety of ways. We’ve taken Telos online and digitized our complete archive, allowing institutional subscribers from around the world to access the journal over the Internet. We’ve created a regular conference series in New York City and another more recently in Europe, which have brought together an increasing number of scholars to discuss today’s critical issues in politics and philosophy . . . (continue reading)

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