Opposition to MLA Resolution 2014-1

The 2014 convention of the Modern Language Association is debating the Middle East. Proponents of an academic boycott have organized a panel; Telos regards academic boycotts as incompatible with the free flow of ideas. In addition, the MLA’s voting body, the Delegate Assembly, will debate a proposal that misrepresents Israeli travel policy. These documents are made available here as a service to the public.

To get in touch with the MLA Members for Scholars’ Rights, either to lend your support at the MLA conference or just to learn more, please write to mlamembersforscholarsrights@gmail.com.


Letter to the MLA Delegate Assembly regarding MLA Resolution 2014-1

“Oppose MLA Resolution 2014-1,” an informational flier (PDF)

Academic Boycotts on Israeli Institutions: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)