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Essential Reading: Carl Schmitt’s Land and Sea

Writing at the Claremont Review of Books, Aaron Zack reviews the new English translation of Carl Schmitt’s Land and Sea, now available from Telos Press. Purchase your copy in our online store and save 20% by using the coupon code BOOKS20.

Telos Press’s new edition of Carl Schmitt’s Land und Meer: Eine weltgeschichtliche Betrachtung (Land and Sea: A World-Historical Meditation) provides an essential guide for understanding sea power. . . . Schmitt provides an intriguing analysis of the link between the sea and the modern project’s culmination in creative, free-thinking individuals moving and acting within a liberal, global order. Land and Sea is primarily a meditation about the space in which we live, and its interactive connection with our minds and identity. How we perceive space, and where we situate ourselves within it, influences our choice of friends and enemies, our economic and political decisions, and how we theorize and wage war. At a time of dizzying and dynamic technical change, instantaneous communication, abolished borders, and global, de-territorialized conflict, Schmitt proves a prescient guide. Land and Sea will interest students of geopolitical conflict, intellectual history, and theories of modernity. It is well worth reading.

Read the full review here.

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