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Freedom and Servitude: Why We Rattle Our Hidden Chains

“The populace consists of individuals and free men, while the state is made up of numbers. When the state dominates, killing becomes abstract. Servitude began with the shepherds; in the river valleys it attained perfection with canals and dikes. Its model was the slavery in mines and mills. Since then, the ruses for concealing chains have been refined.”
—Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil

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“Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Eumeswil is a brilliant novel of ideas that explores the corruption of power and conformism, even as the anarchic hero charts a course into an unknown freedom. This is a gripping intellectual adventure that merges the tradition of dystopic fiction with philosophical lucidity and a rare aesthetic sensibility.”
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1 comment to Freedom and Servitude: Why We Rattle Our Hidden Chains

  • Another appropriate quote in regard to the most recent, the present phase of this growing enslavement of the individual: “The servitude can be significantly augmented by lending it an appearance of freedom”

    (Own translation from the original: “Die Sklaverei lässt sich bedeutend steigern, indem man ihr den Anschein der Freiheit gewährt.”)