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From the 2011 Telos Conference:Interview with Marcia Pally

In this video from the 2011 Telos Conference, held on January 15-16 in New York City, Adrian Pabst interviews Professor Marcia Pally from NYU. Marcia is Professor of Multilingual and Multicultural Studies, and her current work is on “new evangelicals” in the United States and elsewhere. The conversation with Marcia revolves around the long, progressive tradition of evangelicalism going back to the nineteenth century that is coming once more to the fore. Instead of endorsing big government or championing big business, the “new evangelicals” view civil society with more primacy than either state or market. For this and other reasons, they appeal to non-market motives such as solidarity and sympathy in order to transform market institutions and address pressing problems such as poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

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