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From the Desk of Mary Piccone, Publisher 

Dear Friends of Telos,

I am reaching out to you and asking for your help.

When you purchase a subscription to Telos, you make it possible for us to publish the kinds of writing that you want to read. As a small independent publisher, we rely on the support of our readers to continue producing new, challenging works in politics, philosophy, and critical theory.

If your library is not a current subscriber to Telos, you have the power to influence your library’s decision to subscribe. It’s your recommendation and your interest in Telos, rather than sales calls from publishers, that make a difference in library subscription decisions.

And when it comes to our books, it really helps support our mission when you order directly from our online store at Online shopping sites like Amazon require publishers to accept significant distribution costs to carry their books, and that is certainly challenging for small independent presses like ours. At our website, you can save 20% on the list price of all our books. Just enter the coupon code BOOKS20 during the checkout process, and the discount will be applied to your order.

My passion for continuing Telos is to keep Paul Piccone’s legacy alive and thriving. Telos is a unique forum that gives each of you a place to speak and be heard, and now more than ever such forums are essential. This May we are celebrating forty-eight years of publishing our journal. Let’s make it fifty, and then a hundred. Paul would be proud!

Warm wishes,

Mary Piccone
Publisher, Telos Press Publishing


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