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The View from the Land

“The human is a land-being, a land-dweller. He stands and walks and moves upon the firmly grounded earth. This is his standpoint and his soil; through it he receives his viewpoint; this defines his impressions and his way of seeing the world. He receives not only his field of vision but also the form of his gait and his movements, his shape as a living being born and moving upon the earth.”

—Carl Schmitt, Land and Sea: A World-Historical Meditation

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Land and Sea is Carl Schmitt’s ambitious and often beautiful effort to render the geo-political history of humankind as grand fable. Schmitt muses over man's fate as he transformed from land-bound creature to conqueror of the seas and eventually the skies. The subtext of the work concerns Germany’s precarious position as defender of humanity’s fundamental political essence as it withstands sieges from various trans-territorial forces, especially England, the Soviet Union, the United States and, most chillingly, the Jews. Berman and Zeitlin must be commended for making this astounding work available to English-speaking audiences in such an impeccably translated and annotated form for the first time.”
John P. McCormick, Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago, and author of Carl Schmitt’s Critique of Liberalism: Against Politics as Technology

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