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Timothy Luke Receives the American Political Science Association's Career Achievement Award

Congratulations to our own Tim Luke on receiving the American Political Science Association’s Charles A. McCoy Career Achievement Award, in honor of his many outstanding accomplishments as a writer, teacher, and activist. First starting with Telos as an intern back in 1975, Tim has been with the journal ever since, serving as an Associate Editor from the early 1980s on and as Telos Press Publishing’s Book Line Editor since 2005. In the latter role, Tim has overseen the publication of numerous Telos Press books, including the anthology A Journal of No Illusions: Telos, Paul Piccone, and the Americanization of Critical Theory, which he also coedited with Ben Agger.

Virginia Tech, where Tim is University Distinguished Professor of Political Science as well as chair of the Department of Political Science, has a terrific write-up at their website, and we encourage everyone to read it.

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