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Adrian Pabst on the Upcoming Telos Conference in L’Aquila, Italy: The Idea of Europe

At this year’s Telos Conference in New York City, Telos Associate Editor Adrian Pabst outlined the theme of the upcoming Telos in Europe Conference, which will be held on September 5–8, in L’Aquila, Italy. This conference will focus on “The Idea of Europe,” and will offer speakers and attendees an opportunity to discuss Europe’s current crisis of identity. For complete details about the conference, as well as the full call for papers, please visit the conference page on the Telos Paul Piccone Institute website, located here.

2 comments to Adrian Pabst on the Upcoming Telos Conference in L’Aquila, Italy: The Idea of Europe


    Dear coleagues,
    I am interested. My theme is : a common sense, a european spirit, not identity. identity is the false solution for current problems. I have published in French and in Italian “What is the European spirit ?” (Flammarion, 2010). My new reflexion concerns : new forms of citzenship , that may change the idea itself of what political features are.
    An important question will be : what financial supports are foreseen, staying three days in L’Aquila ?
    I have to make more precise my proposition, I will be on touch with you later.
    Best wishes,
    Lucien JAUME
    CEVIPOF/Sciences Po, Institut catholique de Paris
    Directeur de recherche au CNRS (emeritus)

  • Moutsouris Christos

    Adrian in his address,is posting the conception of Europe just exactly in the most precise way in order to guarantee * the most fruitful discussion ground for the next conference.In my identity as South European as well as an insider of Telos since the last Laquila conference,I can cordially ensure that Telos is consistently putting the connection of multitude and multiculturality from the one,but at the same time composing perfection on the other side,into the foreground of its agenda..Regarding especially,the directly upcoming event,I would like to stress that Telos from its origins,is advantaged to be tightly through its founder connected to the South of Europe which is currently suffering the most from the crisis and -from the one side- seeks and demands multiculturality but on the other hand ,keeps always vehemently many bulwarks of application denial for such policies especially in sectors like youth,women,handicapped persons,social services,religion etc. .The other leg(permanent seat)of Telos,is benefitting a lot from being in the country whose formation asw nation as well as a state offers the worldwide most typical example of perfect multiculturality.