Information for Libraries

Subscribing to Telos 

What are the 2014 subscription rates?
Online access only (worldwide): $295/year

Print only (US): $240/year
Print only (non-US): $289/year

Print and online bundle (US): $371/year
Print and online bundle (non-US): $419/year

Subscription rates are for a complete year volume (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). Package pricing is also available.

Note: All prices are in US dollars.

Does Telos accept orders from subscription agents?
Yes, we accept orders from agents including EBSCO, Harrassowitz, and Swets (to name a few). Our agent policies are provided in this letter.
Does Telos work with consortia?
Telos Press would be happy to discuss consortial arrangements. Please contact the publisher, Maria Piccone.

Does an online subscription include back issues?
Online subscribers for the 2014 year also receive complimentary access to the online Telos archive for the years 2004 to 2013.
Is the online backfile available for purchase?
The online backfile is now available for purchase. The complete archive from 1968 to 2013 can be purchased for perpetual access for $5,500. The annual maintenance fee of $50 is waived for the first year.

Two purchase options are offered:

• One-time purchase for $5,500.

• Two-year purchase: $2,750 for the first year, $2,750 for the second year, plus a $50 processing fee.

Providing access to the full online archive of Telos is a great way to support students who might be interested in our TELOSthreads program.

How do I arrange free trial access to the online version?
Your institution may qualify for a free trial. Please contact us to begin this process.


Subscription Policies

Are the subscription policies "library friendly"?
Yes, we offer a number of library friendly policies:

• Each subscription year purchased is for perpetual access.
• Simultaneous, multi-user access
• Archiving through LOCKSS
• Full compliance with standards with HighWire Press

Do subscribers to the online version of Telos retain access to the content for the paid period if the subscription lapses?
Subscribers are entitled to retain access to the online content for their paid (subscribed) years. However any complimentary access to non-paid years is lost.
Why does Telos Press recommend SERU rather than a site license?
Negotiating licenses is very time consuming, and we believe SERU is a good alternative. We do strongly prefer that institutions agree to use the SERU (Shared E-Resource Understanding). Now a NISO standard, a copy of the document, and more information is available on the NISO website.
Is a site license required for access?
We do not require a site license, but prefer to use the SERU statement. If your institution requires a site license, we provide one here. It is based with permission on the site license developed by the Duke University Press Journals Division. Please try to accept the license as is, as any changes will cause a delay in completing the process.
Is there a grace period for subscribers if the renewal payment is not received by December 31st?
Yes, there is a 90-day grace period for renewing subscribers.
Is there a fee for changing from a print to an online subscription?
Yes, there is $50 processing fee when institutions change their subscription from print to online.


Online Subscription Activation

How do I obtain our customer number for activation?
Once we receive your order and payment information from your subscription agent or directly from you, we will assign your Telos account number. If we have an email address for your institution, we will notify you of the customer number. This customer number will be your user name and password for administering the account on the Telos site. (Or, you may use the HighWire portal if you are familiar with it.)

If you have not already received your Telos account number from us or your subscription agent, please contact us.

How do I activate an online subscription for my institution?
1. Visit

2. Enter your institution’s Telos Customer Number. (If your institution has an e-mail address on file, activation instructions with customer number included will be sent when your order is processed. If your institution has multiple customer numbers, you will receive an e-mail for each one.)

3. Click “Submit,” which will produce an activation form.

4. Complete the form to activate your access to Telos. The e-mail address provided will be used to contact you regarding electronic access.

5. Click “Send form.”

6. Click the button at the top of the page to register your institution’s IP addresses.

7. Click “Save.”

8. Your institution should now have access to Telos. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from HighWire Press to the e-mail address provided.

9. If you have any questions logging into your account, please use the Feedback link on the journal website


Information for Administrators

Are usage statistics available? How do I download them?
Our host, HighWire Press, makes COUNTER-2 usage statistics available. Institutional administrators can view their institution’s usage statistics at

You may need to log in to your account first, which you can do here:

What is the login address for institutional administrators?
Institutional administrators for online subscribers to Telos can log in to their account here:
Where is Telos hosted?
Telos is hosted by HighWire Press at


Customer Service

How do I contact Telos Press's customer service?
Click here here for full contact information.
Are there other ways to obtain Telos back issues that are listed as "sold out" on the Telos Press website?
While some of the earlier Telos back issues are no longer in print, the complete Telos archive is now available online to institutional subscribers. In addition, microform or facsimile copies of some back issues may be obtained through the UMI Periodicals in Microform service of the National Archive Publishing Company, 300 North Zeeb Road, P.O. Box 998, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0998.