Information for Libraries

Subscribing to Telos 

What are the 2017 subscription rates?
Does Telos accept orders from subscription agents?
Does Telos work with consortia?
Does an online subscription include back issues?
Does an online subscription include perpetual access?
Is the online backfile available for purchase?
How do I arrange free trial access to the online version?


Subscription Policies

Are the subscription policies "library friendly"?
Is a site license required for access?
Why does Telos Press recommend SERU rather than a site license?
Is there a grace period for subscribers if the renewal payment is not received by December 31st?
Is there a fee for changing from a print to an online subscription?
What is the mailing address for institutional subscription payments?
What is your cancellation policy for subscriptions?


Online Subscription Activation

How do I obtain our customer number for activation?
How do I activate an online subscription for my institution?


Information for Administrators

Are usage statistics available? How do I download them?
What is the login address for institutional administrators?
Where is Telos hosted?


Customer Service

How do I contact Telos Press's customer service?
Are there other ways to obtain Telos back issues that are listed as "sold out" on the Telos Press website?