Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “individual” rates and “institutional” rates?
Institutional rates are the rates paid by universities, colleges, libraries, and other related organizations. Institutional rates are priced significantly higher than individual rates because institutions make journals like Telos available to a wide range of patrons. Institutions may order the traditional print version, the online version, or both.

Do you accept telephone orders from individuals?
No, we do not accept individual orders by phone. This includes subscriptions, back issues, current issues, and books.

How much does shipping cost?
The shipping and handling cost is calculated during the checkout process. It is based upon the destination of the shipment as well as the quantity and weight of items ordered.

Is Telos available online?
The online version of Telos (in partnership with HighWire Press) is currently offered to institutional subscribers. It has been available online since March 2008. Only the traditional print version is available to individual subscribers at this time. Please contact us if you want to find out if your institution is a subscriber, or to be added to a waiting list for individual online subscriptions.

What is the mailing address for check payments?
All check payments should be sent to:

Telos Press Publishing
431 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10009

How can I submit an article or review to Telos?
Complete information about how to submit an article or review to Telos can be found on our Submissions page.

Can I return a book, journal issue, or subscription that I purchased from Telos Press?
Unfortunately all sales are final, and we cannot accept returns on any purchases. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions.

How do I obtain permission to reproduce an article from Telos or an excerpt from a Telos Press publication?
Please contact us for more information about permission rights.

My mailing address has changed. How can I can make sure that Telos arrives at my new address?
Please contact us with your new mailing address, and we’ll update your subscription information immediately.

Does Telos Press provide examination copies of its books?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer examination copies of any of our books at this time.