Telos Global Internships

Telos Press maintains an active, year-round, and global internship program, a valuable learning experience in which undergraduate and graduate students assist with the publication and marketing of the journal Telos and Telos Press books. Our internships offer a unique combination of academic mentoring and real-world publishing experience. Our main office is located in the heart of New York City’s East Village, however we welcome the participation of students from around the globe.

Interns with an academic background in politics, philosophy, or a related field are invited to participate in our TELOSthreads blogging project, which aims to highlight individual Telos articles from our online archive. Each post revisits an article from the archive, notes something relevant or thought-provoking about it, and then uses it as a springboard for further reflection on the topic. TELOSthreads is a great opportunity for students to produce short critical essays, learn about the journal’s history, and get constructive feedback on their writing from the Telos editorial board. TELOSthreads interns are welcome to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Please see this flyer (PDF) for an overview of the TELOSthreads project. Click here to view all of the previous TELOSthreads posts, along with links to the original Telos articles on our online archive.

If you are more interested in the nuts and bolts of the publishing business, we are also looking for assistance with social media outreach (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn), public relations, and marketing research.

Internships are available on an ongoing basis. Students who wish to intern with Telos Press should contact us.

Here’s what past Telos interns have said about the program:

“The Telos Global Internship Program gave me a fine opportunity to hone my writing. I find it a challenge to communicate academic ideas in a concise form. Blogging for TELOSthreads represented my first serious attempt at doing so. The guidance of the Telos editorial team pushed me in the right direction. In my submissions, I revisited past contributions to the journal. The roll-call is a veritable who’s who of radical theory: Baudrillard, Marcuse, Tronti. In this esteemed company, TELOSthreads provides the space to pay one’s dues or slay sacred cows. Through this dialogue across the decades, I reconsidered received wisdom and developed ideas now central to my research.”

Frederick Harry Pitts
Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam
PhD Candidate, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath